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B.B.F.C.C. Open & Club Show on 19th & 20th November 2005

The B.B.F.C.C will again trial the Premier Section at this years show. The Premier Section was put on hold in 2004 due to the International show. It was proposed at the last Committee meeting to go ahead with the Premier Section. Quite a few Champion exhibitors came to us at our 2004 show expressing their views that there is room for a third section in the Border World at present. Phil Warne also came over and said he would give us his support and show in the Premier Section and would ask his friends to do the same. 

The aim of this proposal is to try and stimulate fanciers to show their birds and therefore halt the decline seen throughout the Border world. It is envisaged that a number of the currently successful exhibitors will show in the Premier section hence encouraging more exhibits in the Champion Section. It is hoped that between six and ten exhibitors will show in the Premier Section. It is also hoped that, where in the past novices have moved up to the champion status and become disenchanted due to the fierce competition, this format will encourage them to stay longer. 

The prize structure will give the same specials for all 3 sections so that no exhibitors will lose out. The structure is as follows:- (see Schedule) 

The 3 section winners will be brought together to find the Best Border in Show. 

In a previous article on this subject it was suggested that a possible way to select exhibitors for the Premier Section would be based on a number of wins of a period of time. This caused some consternation with some people thinking that it would limit the entries to that section to just 2 or 3 exhibitors. The Committee of the B.B.F.C.C has decided to make the entry to the Premier Section purely voluntary. This is open to exhibitors who are currently successful and who have the ability to gain Best in Show awards at specialist shows or have a number of birds in the first seven best birds at specialist shows. With the number of birds normally exhibited by these top fanciers, the Committee expect to see between 150 and 200 birds in the Premier section, hence providing excellent competition and a fine spectacle of top class birds. 

The B.B.F.C.C are trying to help the Border World by trialing this proposal and request that Border men in general support this proposal and, for the top men in particular, to lend their support to the Premier Section. Also, Champion exhibitors who have been reluctant to show in the past, are asked to get their birds out and let's try and stop the decline in our hobby. Let's try and get back to shows being full of people enthusiastically discussing our wonderful hobby. This should be a positive move for the fancy and provide interest for all. If all 2004 paid up members showed 6 birds each there would be just over 2000 birds at this year's show. 

If it is a success this year then a mandate will be put to The Border Convention at the end of the year.


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